Time Is Precious For A Young Startup

In the infancy stage of your business, every minute and hour is best spent nurturing and growing your startup. Precious time should not be spent on figuring out how to balance your books. Focus on what you do well and leave the rest in the safe hands of our trusted professionals.

Time Is Precious For A Young Startup
A Right-Hand Advisor You Can Turn To

A Right-Hand Advisor You Can Turn To

Small business accounting is not just about tax preparation and annual financial statements. You need an experienced and qualified accountant to be with you throughout the business lifecycle – from incorporation to expansion. With Long-Term, advice related to the growth of your startup is just a phone call away.

Some Ways We Can Help


  • Our special incorporation package
  • Advise on government grants for companies
  • Lowering your taxes with tax planning

Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Time saving
  • Keep your team lean
  • Keep up with the latest rules

Financial reports

  • Reconciled and dollar perfect
  • Everything is ready at tax time and annual IRAS’ filing
  • Critical for business planning